Escape Room Ratings

This is the list of escape rooms I’ve done. The ratings for these rooms are given for the time that I did them. Instead of trying to do the error-prone task of retroactively judging the quality of a room on a current, objective scale, I have instead listed the month and year when I did each room. The average room quality has increased over time, with newer generations of rooms being more tech-driven, better puzzle standards, and more lavish in set design, so treat earlier room ratings with a little extra caution.

I’ve adapted the Michelin star style of ratings, but have created lower categories for rooms that don’t meet the bar to get a “star”.

  • 3 stars: A superb escape room, worth long-distance traveling (i.e., flying) for enthusiasts. Flawless or near-flawless puzzle designs, strong set design, and puzzles are on-theme. The room is clearly inspirational and a cut above the rest, in both execution and uniqueness.
  • 2 stars: An excellent escape room, well worth a “detour” for enthusiasts. Good puzzle designs, good set design, unique experience. Some minor flaws in execution, but they don’t detract from the overall quality of the room.
  • 1 star: A good escape room, worth doing if you’re in the area. Either an exceptionally good execution of a typical experience, or has a unique experience or puzzle but with some clear flaws. Good to strong set design. Puzzles or locks may be slightly off-theme.
  • Acceptable+: An escape room that is better in execution than a typical escape room. Enthusiasts would not regret doing these rooms.
  • Acceptable: A typical escape room. Enthusiasts may do these rooms to whet their appetites, but there isn’t much to separate these rooms from the crowd. Has some clear flaws in execution, theme, or puzzles that detract from the overall experience.
  • Not Recommended: A bad experience which is not recommended. A cheaply constructed, money-grab room; poor puzzle design; errors in puzzles; broken tech; or exceptionally bad game master (your experience may be different).