The return flight

A Chinese man and a white woman in the airport lobby
In SD, that city by the sea,
On their way to San Jose, like me,
A quarter-size violin at their feet,
Chatting of movies and Suzuki
Recitals, busily checking their Blackberries,
While their sons, about five and three,
The younger watching the older quietly
Playing Nintendo DS; and me –
Across the aisle – they do not see,
A figurant in their biographies.
A dream fulfilled by others, at least,
Gives me hope to keep living.

Me and Emi D

“Faith” is a fine invention
For Gentlemen who see!
But Microscopes are prudent
In an Emergency!

–Emily Dickinson

The difference between religion and science, as far as I can see, is summarized above. God might be so cruel to deny salvation to those who don’t believe, but science operates whether you believe it or not. Medicine will (or won’t) work even you don’t believe in it; same with gravity. And if God will save the faithless, then is there need for faith?

Nobel Peace Prize Concert

Some cool peoples on youtubes uploadeds the clipses.

“I’ve Heard Your Love Songs”

“If a Song Could Get Me You”

Duet with Dierks Bentley – “Beautiful World”