Ballet Post

Things on my mind

Lots has happened since the last post: finished grad school, Europe trip, moved to a new apartment, ┬ástarted working. I don’t have much desire to write about how crazy Danish high schoolers are when they graduate, how starkly awesome fjords are, or how very French Paris is, but maybe another time.

  • It’s amazing to me how quickly one becomes acclimated to one’s surroundings. Here, I am talking about working at the Googs (endearingly, the “Googlag”), and how quickly I can start complaining about the free stuff that they give me. But still, I see why it is my friend says working here (in engineering) is akin to winning at life: super smart coworkers, interesting problems with lots of data, and billions of dollars to throw around. Do I really need a 30″ monitor and a Dell workstation to basically work out of a browser and terminal? Probably not.
  • However, my body still hasn’t adjusted to the working schedule. I’m still super tired after a day’s work, and most days I don’t feel like I’ve been particularly productive. Learning the ropes takes time, but maybe it should take a little less time.
  • Will Elana Altman get promoted to principal this coming season? I think there’s a good chance, though far from certain. I guess it’s also still a little early to tell. It would be fun to see SFB in CPH, but oh well.
  • Still have random dreams about tp girl. Emotions are really mixed about this, but unattainable perfection always incites thus. Also haven’t seen google girl in a long time.
  • Bought Starcraft 2 and am slowly getting through the single player campaign. I haven’t had the desire to play against crazy Koreans online yet.
  • Finished reading Ulysses a short while ago, a momentous achievement and a release of a great burden. Now I can read a bunch of other crap without that book looming over my head.
  • Should I buy Stanford WVB tickets? A friend thinks it’s weird to go to games post graduation. Maybe he’s right, but maybe I also have nothing better to do on Friday and Saturday nights.