Marit Update

It’s been awhile, but Marit’s evidently crushing it in Europe these days. “If a Song Could Get Me You” has topped German and Austrian singles charts, and I think will do the same in Switzerland soon. Also, “Under the Surface” was chosen as the best Norwegian song of the decade.

But the biggest news is the new “Under the Surface” video. Seems kind of bland and makes about as little sense to me on first viewing as the original, but it’s still a new video. Marit might be getting too popular now, but we’ll see if she ever expands into the US market.

Things on my mind

  • To alleviate that gaping sadness in my soul, I caved in and bought a netbook: the Asus EEE 1005HA-V. It’s pretty small and light, and kind of dumb because the processor is slow, but it surfs the web just fine. One doesn’t realize how much of a resource hog stattracker is until you try to load it on a netbook. Installed Moblin on it, but the linux wireless drivers are kind of crap, since my wireless keeps disconnecting every few minutes in Moblin but not in Windows XP.
  • Fantasy basketball team is imploding. Makes life a little sad.
  • The outer sheath of the wires on the Shure e2c earphones are cracking. Is it time to try the Etymotic Research er6i’s, or maybe better to get something cheaper? The old Sony ones weren’t that bad for the price. Other suggestions?
  • Stanford football beat Notre Dame, barely. But it was an exciting game. Toby Gerhart’s in the thick of the Heisman race, but something tells me his chances are slim.
  • Stanford women’s volleyball is amazing, pulling out a Pac-10 title from the clutches of Washington. Although I guess it was really Washington losing to Oregon in the final game. I’m assuming the Pac-10 title is what propelled the team up to a #4 seed, and so Stanford has home-court advantage until the Final Four round, all played at Maples. It should be fun to watch, and hopefully tickets aren’t too expensive. Here’s to another shot at Penn State (though PSU is probably unstoppable this year, again)!