So I keep thinking…

What if the rapture actually did happen, but NO ONE was worthy to go to heaven? We’d all be stuck here, waiting to go to hell.


I’ve been sick twice in the last year, which is more than normal since college. I can’t tell if it’s from work, where, given the population of the googs, there’s basically always someone who’s sick; or from ballet, because all these kids are prime vectors of contagion, and also I don’t think anyone ever cleans those barres. In any case, I probably averaged 14+ hours of sleep from Friday through Sunday. Which would be glorious but for the completely-out-of-it headache that follows such prolonged slumber.

I hope this presentation goes well tomorrow. Surviving day by day at work.

I really want to take a vacation but I also really do not want to plan one out. Oh, the travails of my life.


I wish I actually wrote down some of my thoughts the past two days, because I think there were some profound ones in there somewhere. Something about life and love and persistence and beauty. But oh well, they will have to be rediscovered at some future time.

Now that the show is over (which went pretty well overall, notwithstanding a few technical glitches), I don’t know what I’ll do with my weekends, which for the past few months have been spent on rehearsals and recuperation. I guess if the rapture or whatever happens next Saturday, I won’t have to worry about such things.

Will try to post more about the goings on shortly, if I have the energy to do so.