The beginning of some poem

I either got bored or had too much work, and now I don’t remember what I wanted to do with it, but I think it would’ve taken a turn at some point, maybe because I was bitter or something.
I know that you recall those flighty weeks
When chivalrous men did childish deeds
On impetuous steeds to call your heed
When the stars and galaxies
Shone brightly and gleamed
To catch a reflection of your radiant beams

Things on my mind

  • Still basking in the afterglow of the Nutcracker performances from last weekend. Although perhaps a more accurate statement would be that I was completely stressed out for the past two weeks and this weekend I did about as little as possible, which was very relaxing. Somehow there was also a company holiday party in the mix that weekend — among the busiest.
  • Aforementioned baskiness has been tempered by the fact that I developed ulcers again from the work and rehearsal schedule. Prilosec is pretty great these days.
  • All the transportation has now been booked for the trip to India. Now I just need to book a few hotels and figure out all the odds and ends I should buy. Does anyone know if it’s safe to drink iodine tablet water for two whole weeks, or should I opt for a water filtration device of some sort? Or maybe a steripen?
  • Realized that over a quarter of the books I’ve read this year were Harry Potters. On the other hand, I’m at 25 books so far, which is more than I’ve read in a single year since undergrad.
  • Let’s not talk about the NBA season or the vetoed Chris Paul trade just yet. I need to come up with a coherent draft plan soon, but I don’t know what to do with the 4th draft pick.
  • Also, Andrew Luck got robbed of the Heisman.