Copy #4

It’s here! First edition, second printing. The lady did some crazy packaging job: bubble wrap, then paper wrap, then more bubble wrap, then cardboard box. I felt a little bad having this shipped via media mail, but it arrived in one piece.

No dust jacket (I ordered a facsimile dust jacket), but the book itself looks to be in decent condition considering it’s 71 years old. Now I just need to figure out how to store this thing. So beautiful…

The Little Prince 1e/2p

Copy #3

The timing for media mail is quite tricky, but the third copy arrived today! I’ve already torn the dust jacket, which is just a piece of paper. I’m a little sad about that. This is the first copy of a Katherine Woods translation that I have, and judging by this unofficial publication history page, it must have been printed some time in the 1970s, likely mid-70s. (The dust jacket has a price of $7.95.)


The Little Prince HB



Copy #2

This is the 70th anniversary edition. The cover and packaging for the book and CDs is quite nice. Not having heard it yet, I do question the choice of Viggo Mortensen aka “Mr. Mumbles” for the audio narration. Or maybe he’s practiced his enunciation a little since LOTR?

The other two copies that I won on ebay should be arriving soon. Much more excited about those older editions, but it’s nice to not have to use the pop-up book as my primary reading version.

audio CDs