New, old world

It took a while to port over my website from the old hosting service to the new, but I think it’s finally done. After spending the past three years analyzing UI projects, I’m not sure I can keep my old website design without cringing a little. I’m going to try sticking with this default wordpress theme (twentyfourteen) for a little while, even though there are some things I don’t particularly care for about it; I dislike all caps. At least it’s mostly minimalist, so that’s good.

I’ve been failing miserably in writing more this year. For some reason, it gets harder and harder to find the time and also the mental space to write. Even when I have thoughts floating in my head, it’s so hard to materialize them into words, perhaps an extended (hopefully not permanent) writer’s block. Sometimes it seems so pointless, but sometimes it’s immanently clear that writing, pouring out thoughts, is so important and cathartic.

This year has been flying by. Life just keeps on flowing, and these days I’m going along for the ride. Somehow, I’ve moved back down to Mountain View despite not particularly wanting to. There’s a lot of time savings from not having to spend 2.5 hours commuting — traffic keeps getting worse, which makes the value proposition of living in San Francisco less appealing. Ideally, I’ll be able to purchase a condo in the near future, although the torrid housing price gains make that unappealing as well.

Of course, the biggest oddity of the second half of this year is how I ended up not doing WB’s Nutcracker and doing SJDT’s instead. I’m still not sure how it happened, but given the partnering opportunity and just learning new choreography, I think it was the right decision. And even though it’s nice to meet new friends and see some familiar faces, I sorely miss the WB crew. The thing that sucks the most is that the shows are on the same weekend, so I won’t even be able to watch.

Holiday season also means busy season with work and rehearsals. It would be a fun sort of hectic if it weren’t for the fact that rehearsals on Saturday and Sunday has meant that I don’t get to sleep in at all, and it feels like I have no break from ballet or work. But these are the choices I made, so it must all make sense to a different me. Maybe it’s better not to stop and breathe when you can just run, run, run.