Thoughts on Swan Lake (SFB Program 3)

  • I’m not a big fan of the new production. The swan head pieces look really funny. And the backdrops look impersonal/imposing/spare. The entire production just seems a little cold to me.
  • First time I noticed that there are more swans in the corps than there are female members of the corps de ballet. Which means I think the apprentice dancers are also there? Or are there like dancers for hire or something? That would kind of suck.
  • After having read Infinite Jest (, my empathy for the corps dancers has increased. Sometimes I wonder what they say or think in those interminable scenes where they just stand there.

Things on my mind

  • I’ve pretty much done no work this weekend. I did watch 5 movies (courtesy of Stanford library’s media center) though: The Deer Hunter; The Squid and the Whale; Margot at the Wedding; I, Robot; and Meet the Parents. Not a bad bunch, although Deer Hunter wasn’t exactly a pick me up. I thought Margot at the Wedding was hilarious in moments. I also have a headache from staring at the monitor for too long.
  • I realized that the red stuff on the bottom of my TKD pants and feet wasn’t blood, but rather the color from the mats that seems to rub off. That’s good news.
  • My motivation level has sunk to its low again. I should’ve figured that over a quarter of enthusiasm was already a lot to ask for. Now I just need to somehow survive the rest of this quarter and the next, and the summer, and then another quarter, and then another and another. Then I’ll be done with my master’s!
  • Swan Lake is almost upon us. I’m going to try to go to ~4 shows. It’s kind of a lot of time commitment in a week, so we’ll see how that goes.
  • I think I’m going to have to expand my beverage repertoire. Water, orange juice, and tea is getting a little monotonous. What imbibement will be the next hot thing? I don’t really know.
  • I’m sad, tired, and bored. All’s right with the world.
  • There is so much dust in the room.