Some stuff will happen next week; some stuff happened last week

It’s going to absolute madness next week with a heavy post-holiday workload and all these rehearsals and then performances. Hopefully I can maintain some modicum of a sleep schedule.

A recap of the Thanksgiving weekend:

  • It’s always nice to see family over the break. But I always feel sad afterwards, and it has nothing to do with departing from them…
  • Full Black Friday purchases: 20 AA batteries and 20 AAA batteries from Amazon.
  • Also a digital camera for my mom.
  • Stanford WVB somehow captured a share of the Pac 10 title when Cal lost another game. Stanford has a 1 seed, and the 3rd seed overall. Pretty exciting stuff. Unfortunately, a certain holiday dance routine excludes my ability to attend the first playoff rounds.
  • Stanford football ended up with a school-best 11-1 record. Simply amazing. And the BCS computers love us, ranking us 4th compared to the voters who have us at 5th. It’ll be nice to have a guaranteed bowl spot, because us fans are lazy as hell and don’t travel. Just one more week. Rooting for Oregon to win their last game, since there’s no way to make the championship game now. It sucks that the Rose Bowl isn’t really possible. That would have been fun.
  • Bought these two violin songbooks from Amazon. They’re probably going to be terrible, but maybe they’ll be incredible. Pop music on the violin should be amusing, at least.