Idle thoughts for the day

Up late because of this daylight saving thing. While I enjoy having daylight when I leave work, it is a little rough on the sleep schedule for the first few days. And also the number of timepieces that have to be set.

Was able to go to class today because the usual meeting with Tokyo was canceled. I do feel a little guilty that an international catastrophe facilitates my ability to take a dance class. Certainly adds a bit of cognitive tension to things.

Also, what’s up with the fact that we can’t get the company match if we donate to the Japanese Red Cross? Evidently, they’re not an accredited disaster relief agency yet, or something. Never thought it would be so hard to donate money during a crisis.

Was all ready to take the beginning class, but was recommended to take the int/adv class because of a new teacher/sub Ramon Moreno, who I guess is a principal at BSJ. I’m glad I went to the class, which was a bit above my level, but not so far above that it wasn’t still fun. I’ll probably be a little sore tomorrow morning. He had more jumping in his class than other instructors. Which was extra awesome because “Beauty” was there. I really enjoy watching her do grand allegro. Her jumps are so forceful and deliberate it’s kind of jawdropping. Really looking forward to see her tear through Act 1 Kitri in the spring show.

Work’s been in a strange state lately: I feel like I’m getting used to the weekly grind, but also finally am beginning to feel comfortable doing some more ad hoc analyses using the company’s incredibly arcane tools. You know shit’s getting intense when you have to run overnight mapreduce jobs. But the real oddness is that my roommate’s last day at the Googlag is tomorrow, which is kind of sad, but also pretty awesome for him. Also, the review cycle is coming up, and I’m a little nervous. I feel like I should start dedicating more energy towards work, since I think I want to get promoted sometime soon.

And is it true that Marit Larsen is recording a new album? She released a single in Norwegian maybe a month or two back. I’m also still waiting for Lenka’s new album to be released. And moderately excited that I’ll see her in concert soon.