Classes for a new quarter

So I think I’ve settled upon classes for the quarter:

  • Stat 217 – Intro Stochastic Processes (required)
  • Stat 329 – Large-Scale Simultaneous Inference, taught by Efron.  This should be pretty good material, and since he’s going to publish the material, it’s all typed up neatly, which is awesome.
  • BMI 217 – Translational Bioinformatics. I still have no idea what that adjective means, but it seems like it’ll be a great applied bioinformatics class.

Tougher than any of those, though, is back-to-back ballet classes (beginning and then intermediate). I think I might die with that schedule, but I wouldn’t be motivated any other way to build the requisite endurance. Plus, tp girl is in the intermediate class.

I also just realized that I took AP Bio (10 years ago!?) before the human genome was sequenced, so all this genomics stuff is rather foreign to me. I’m trying to refresh myself on the very basics of molecular biology, of which I knew little in the first place. Like, there are now two new amino acids: selenocysteine and pyrrolysine? Craziness.

It is kind of funny to me that the lecture hall in the medical school has hand sanitizer and clorox wipes for the professor, though.

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