Cutting one’s teeth on the blades of life

The weekend was going so well, and then Sunday night my teeth started hurting. I don’t know how it’s possible, but I think my gums just receded everywhere. Now I can’t drink water or eat without them hurting. And there’s this dull throbbing pain even when I’m just sitting here. It sucks when drinking room temperature water hurts. I hope my teeth don’t all fall out.

On the other hand, it was one of the more eventful weekends in recent memory. Went to a friend’s housewarming party and caught up with some guys I don’t see enough of. Went to see a show by my school, which was surprisingly good. I think I still have a huge ballet crush on “Beauty.” Went to see SFB at Stern Grove on Sunday. Symphony in C is still absolutely, breathtakingly incredible.

2 Replies to “Cutting one’s teeth on the blades of life”

  1. Hope your gums are feeling better today. If it struck suddenly, is that sign of an infection? I’ve found the company doctors to be excellent.

    Good to pick up bits of culture from you. Hadn’t heard of Symphony in C before.

  2. I miss SFB =( Did you buy a stern grove blanket to sit on? Those things are quite handy in CA. Can’t say it’s particularly useful in AZ though. It’s not very cold here…

    Hope the teeth are feeling better!

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