Hopes and Resolutions

Things that would make my year:

  • If I met Marit Larsen.
  • If Taylor Swift sang “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”.
  • If Stanford women’s volleyball doesn’t lose to Penn State in the finals again this year.
  • If the world were less shitty than last year.
  • If a black guy were elected president of the US in my lifetime.

New years resolutions:

  • To go to Norway.
  • To get a girlfriend (a perennial favorite!).
  • To task myself to be a better man than I was the year before.
  • To figure out what the hell these bugs are that seem to appear out of nowhere and end up in my closet and floor.

2 Replies to “Hopes and Resolutions”

  1. – if you met her she might shatter your illusions by picking her nose or something
    – no man could pronounce all those words, nor woman
    – it wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t feared it
    – this seems unlikely unless obama kills all the muslims
    – borderline implausible

    – this goal is only $400 away my friend
    – i have no advice to offer on this one
    – adopt a puppy then you can do virtually anything you want and still come out ahead
    – they are features

  2. i think killing all the christians would have the same effect as killing all the muslims.

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