It’s been a very long time, and it really means nothing now

Still, I hope she doesn’t see this. I don’t know why I dredged this up, just to do it a disservice. Maybe it’s a reminder that I used to love at some point, and maybe it will happen again.

I know in some other world we did not fade, and
I still sometimes look back and think “Jenny kissed me!”
An eon has passed since those fateful days.
Rent from this fragile body,
My heart, ward of so much misery,
Eternally feared how it might break again.
So now my fortress is razed and bridges bombed:
Absence sometimes makes the heart grow up.
Outside, I now see the blue sky, the singing robins.
Little bits of truth are all that remain.
So I forced myself to move, move on,
Looking for some other strand of desperate beauty.
One day, I will finally think myself worthy.
Your scent remains a lingering memory,
Resonating and fading like an ocean wave.
A decade later it doesn’t seem so bad, I suppose.
Really, there are no more tears to cry again.
May the world open to you like a springtime rose.
You are not my Algernon, nor I your Dobbin.