Resolutions 2015

Despite it not having been a particularly bad year for me, my resolutions for 2014 were nominally a resounding disaster:

  • Tell my family I love them: Nope.
  • Write more: Nope.
  • Shoulder sit or quit: Nope, unless you count the black lamb in Nutcracker (which I don’t).
  • Keep chasing unicorns: Nope. Nope.

As with many of the years before, 2014 proved to be one of frustratingly slow but tangible progress. I think I’ve begun to make an uneasy peace with some very large issues with the universe, which is about as much as I could ask for. The board position looks a little better, and I’m seeing glimpses of the endgame.

After the requisite amount of ruminating, I couldn’t really think of any major resolutions of the new year. Thinking a little more, the biggest thing that I want to change in the upcoming year is to start reversing course on my coldness and distance. I’ve noticed that I’ve become more withdrawn and not present, and hopefully I can start the process of being a little friendlier and in the moment. On second thought, that is quite a major resolution.

I have a feeling that 2015 will be a momentous and memorable year.