Thanksgiving Break

A hodgepodge of updates for the week-long Thanksgiving break that we have.  Mainly I don’t want to start on this Stats 315A problem set, which looks on the other side of impossible.

1) I’ve been catching up on Battlestar Galactica. Just finished season 3 and Razor, and going to start season 4 soon. This show is so serious and melodramatic. It’s pretty good, even though I think the twist at the end of season 3 is a bit over the edge. Here’s to hoping that the series ends well, and doesn’t degenerate into something Matrix Revolutions-like.

2) Polina Semionova is on the cover of Pointe magazine! I guess being the premier ballerina in Germany, this was statistically bound to happen at some point. But it’s pretty cool anyway.

3) Saw Hilary Hahn play Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto tonight, and I wasn’t all that impressed. Her technique is crystalline as always, but she still seems very icey. There’s just some emotionality that seems lacking. I’m not sure if we were all just spoiled by Perlman, but something in terms of heart is definitely lacking.

4) I might actually finish Society of Mind this week. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to read this book, but I’ll be glad when I’m done. Not that it’s not interesting or a good read, but there are other things I want to read, and it’s been an albatross around my neck in terms of casual reading. Though not nearly as bad as The Divine Comedy, which took forever and a half to finish.

5) My fantasy basketball team sucks. Hopefully Deron Williams is back for good. That would be a bright spot in an otherwise murky situation.

6) I’m still struggling to find out what is “greatest good,” in terms of what I should do with my life. I’ve never felt like I’ve had much of a calling in life, which is nice in terms of having the freedom to explore many things, but is bad in that I am beginning to feel that I am wasting a significant part of my productive years searching instead of doing. Even after this master’s program, I doubt I’ll be any closer to finding out what it is that I should be doing.

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