The weekend in maladies

Three-year balletversary. Still feel like a fraud. Otherwise, the weekend was spectacularly blue and wonderful. Except:

  • Burned my tongue eating potstickers at San Tung. Then burned my mouth eating the chicken wings. So worth it, although my tongue still kind of tingles.
  • Stomach has been in knots all weekend. Not sure if it’s the sporadic repasts (didn’t eat between Fri 7pm and Sat lunch 1pm; nb1: dancing while hungry kind of sucks), consumption of alcohol (nb2: don’t order long islands if you want to sober up quickly to drive home), or just my nerves (nb3: life is complicated, but you’re probably overthinking it).
  • Started experiencing neck and shoulder pains this afternoon. I’m becoming convinced that my bed and pillow combination is way too soft for me. I hope I can move my neck after the dental appointment I have tomorrow morning.