Things on my mind

  • SF Ballet season starts this week. I’m a little excited, but also trying to figure out how the hell I’m going to get to SF on time each night. Also, I need to figure out what night to go to.
  • So some people in my stats class study group busted out Fubini’s Theorem, which evidently is a real theorem. I thought they were joking around, like, you know, DeDerp’s theorem or something. It’s actually a pretty cool result:
  • Rainy days are kind of miserable.
  • No one wants to hire a statistician for a summer internship. This is depressing and also very confusing. I’m pretty sure what I’m learning is very useful, yet all companies seem to want are programmers.
  • I need some other extracurricular activity besides TKD. I really have no idea what else to do, though. Sitting alone in the apartment all weekend is kind of depressing, but I guess that’s life.

4 Replies to “Things on my mind”

  1. – car? train? chartered jet?

    – dederp’s theorem: given a continuous function f(x) over the interval x’ to x”, de derp de derp de teedily derpy derpy derrrrrrrrrr

    – it’s like raaaaaaain
    on a rainy day

    – we’re the new hotness

    – salsa dancing, i’m told guys who do that get chicks despite how obviously gay it is

  2. Dancing!! If you decide to learn waltz or swing, I’ll go to Jammix with you some weekend. But no salsa dancing. Too crazy, even for me!

    Also, if you want company at the ballet, Jame & I could be up for coming with you, if you haven’t picked out your tickets yet.

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