Things on my mind

  • I’m not dead yet, so I suppose life marches on.
  • GRE words already evaporating at a precipitous rate. Trying to unlearn as much as possible.
  • Taking a break from The Bible and reading Sandra Tsing Loh’s Depth Takes a Holiday. Good stuff. I like her style. That she’s hapa (her dad’s Chinese!), B.S. physics and a writer doesn’t hurt.
  • Google Girl is back in class!
  • Moving this weekend. Packing sucks. It’s also hot, so moving things sucks.
  • It’s so hot here, I can’t sleep and it’s past 2am. Global warming makes lack of air conditioning a farce.
  • Trying to write a little more these days. I’m not sure if I really want to publish some of these things or not. (All two of) You’ll have to wait and see.
  • Going to try to make SFB’s Stern Grove performance this Sunday. Unfortunately, Elana Altman isn’t listed in the cast. Ah well.

One Reply to “Things on my mind”

  1. Are you forgetting to count me in your readership of 2? That’s very insulting.

    Have fun at the Stern Grove festival…I will be drugged out wondering if I’ll ever walk again. (j/k sort of)

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