Things on my mind

  • I haven’t been able to write anything recently. I don’t know why. My brain’s typically a mess, but I feel more addled than usual. And also more tired. Why am I so tired?
  • Learned a new word at work today: elide. Don’t know who the smartass was that decided to sneak that one in some documentation, but it’s a nice word. It seems strange to think how few words we consciously know we’re learning at this age. Coincidentally, coworkers and I were talking about how many words a typical person knows, and it’s supposed to be somewhere between 40,000 and 80,000.¬†Which means at some point in our lives, we were learning like 5 new words a day on average. Maybe we just don’t realize it anymore, but it seems like the only time I’ve consciously picked up words in the last few years is studying vocabulary for the GRE. And even then, a couple new words a day was a chore.
  • KOIT is already starting with the Christmas music. I don’t understand why holiday music can’t wait until after Thanksgiving.