Things on my mind

  • The problem with waking up to the oldies station is that sometimes they play “American Pie” and then you’re late to a work meeting. Probably a good thing not to listen to the classical station lest Dvorak 9 comes on.
  • My sleep schedule hasn’t been this messed up ever. I think I’m going to go insane, or maybe just get sick. My neck feels sore for some reason, an unwelcome harbinger.
  • Why is deepdiscount so slow? I just want my blu ray disc already. I think I’ve reached the point where saving $2 is not worth not having amazon prime shipping.
  • This work project is exhausting. It’s like I prepared for a sprint and got shoved into a marathon. What doesn’t kill you…
  • Admittedly a little nervous about this weekend. I’ll probably just wing it and see how it goes.

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