Things on my mind

  • I feel like I’m the only one who thought the new Bond movie was kind of bad. Unimpressive cinematography, terrible plot. I just don’t get it. James Bond isn’t Jason Bourne. Why are they trying to make him a gritty action hero?
  • Got the Big Game ticket. Can we win Big Game this year? Cal’s pretty bad, so I think we have a chance.
  • Next weekend has the last home games for women’s volleyball, the second of which is the same day as Big Game. The logistics of next weekend will be quite tough.
  • I think I’m burned out from too much statistics.
  • Lots of people walk the dish foothills loop. I think it looks a lot better at night.
  • I still have no idea what I’m going to do after school, or during the summer for that matter.
  • I really wish I could write better. Gigantic mental block.
  • Still really want that ipod touch skin.
  • Still totally crushing on Marit Larsen like a 2-liter bottle of orange soda.

3 Replies to “Things on my mind”

  1. Yeah, I pretty much agree with Ebert’s review, except I would’ve given the movie one less star.

    And Curt: Damn you.

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