Things on my mind

  • Fall quarter’s over. Wooooo, winter break! I think I came short of dominating my classes, which makes me a little sad. But that’s life: a little sad. And short of dominating my classes.
  • I’m feeling a bit of regret about blowing all my cash. Hopefully the feeling goes away soon.
  • Stanford women’s volleyball is dominating much unlike my fantasy basketball team. Two rounds done in the tourney so far. Will they make it to the finals and win this year?
  • My fantasy basketball team is terrible with a capital ‘T’. It’s Terrible. And also pretty much unfixable.
  • I should figure out something to do during break. Aside from a vacation, I have no plans for much of it.
  • I rediscovered Sigur Ros this past week. Their music is pretty sweet.
  • It’s really bugging me that I can’t figure out which Victoria’s Secret catalog(s) Famke Janssen’s in. What good is the internets if such a query is so hard to find?

One Reply to “Things on my mind”

  1. – the people who dominated your classes are thus dead, which seems like poor incentive
    – almost as if you had some kind of remorse… about buying
    – yes
    – at least you have your health
    – late night?
    – yeah
    – we at the internet would like to offer our sincere apologies. will be launched in beta shortly.

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