This should be interesting

Despite only taking two classes right now, life seems really chaotic. Certain lines of thought are slowly connecting together, which means if I’m articulate enough I might actually have some post soon.

  • It’ll be nice when this job search finally ends. I didn’t apply to many companies, so it’s been a slow process. But it sounds like everything will be wrapping up soon.
  • Ski trip this weekend. I’m looking forward to seeing all these people, but I don’t particularly want to snowboard. My body is in a little bit of pain. Also…
  • Midterm on Monday and a problem set due Tuesday after this weekend, so if I get snowed in in Tahoe, life will suck.
  • So the SFB trainees are doing some performance on campus this Thursday, and supposedly they’re going to take class with us beforehand. The result of which will be something in between humbling and mortifying. I’m not sure we even have enough barres.
  • I think I have like a jr-high level ballet crush on tp girl. The way she moves is just so elegant and unaffected. Her dancing is like sunshine on a cloudy day.