Those little things…

  • I subscribed to Jewel and Marit Larsen’s twitter feeds. Marit talked about how Let the Right One In was a great vampire movie. Which it is. She has good taste in movies.
  • I parked my Honda Accord in between two Honda Accords. I made a connect four of Accords, because there was another Accord parked next to us as well.
  • Not studying for finals makes taking them more interesting. I get a little rush when I look at the exam and wonder if I can solve any of the problems.
  • I’m kind of worried about this analysis final tomorrow, but I’m not studying for it, so go figure. I was reading the Tao Te Ching rather than studying for either of my finals this weekend. It sure makes life a little more relaxing that way.
  • Summer plans are slowly materializing, but I still don’t know if I should take this job or wait for something that might be able to at least cover living expenses for the summer.
  • I really need something to inspire me. Life has seemed so meaningless the last month or more. I’ve stopped caring about almost everything, and it makes me sad.

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