Europe trip that I don’t want to plan

As excited as I am to finally go to these parts of Europe, I’m definitely not excited on the planning of the trip. It probably doesn’t help that somehow I have to figure out when to move as well. The next 2 months are going to be action packed.

Rough itinerary:

Paris – 4 nights

Brussels and the rest of Belgium – 2 nights

Amsterdam, windmills, tulips – 3 nights

Copenhagen and that crazy Doug character – 3 nights

Stockholm – 2 nights

Oslo, Bergen, fjords – 4 nights or so

Back to CPH and then back to the US

Somehow I don’t think it’s possible to make it to Svalbard or Tromso in under a week. It’d be pretty awesome to be able to visit the Arctic… maybe some other time. This might have to constitute a preliminary trip to an actual Scandinavia trip in the future. I am pretty excited about a lot of these cities, though.

Any suggestions of places to visit, places to stay, things to do, food to eat, beer to drink, etc. in any of the places above?

2 Replies to “Europe trip that I don’t want to plan”

  1. anne frank’s house in amsterdam? i remember the lines were really long.
    belgian waffles in belgium are pretty good.

  2. APPLE TARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok, that’s just me..u can eat the chocolate croissants

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