Things on my mind

Finally found an oldies radio station: AM 1550. It’s a bit staticky, but works, except under bridges.

Song of the moment: “Sweet Little Sixteen” – Chuck Berry

  • Saw the swingtime show and the tap th@t show. Swing and tap look kind of fun. Sometimes I wonder about ballet a little. Seeing tp girl there was nice.
  • Also saw Sofiane Sylve teach a master class at Stanford. She has a ridiculous (as in, ridiculously awesome) accent: it’s like some strange fusion of French, British, and American. It’s also kind of crazy how fast the girls in the advanced class can pick up choreography. I suppose anything becomes easy after 10+ years of practice, but it’s still amazing to see just how many people can specialize in something as specific as ballet; these aren’t professional dancers, either.
  • A google girl sighting this morning, which has become a rather rare event of late.
  • Motivation to finish up this quarter is waning rapidly. Just a few more weeks, then a tearful second goodbye.