On my mind

A huge backlog of posts that I want to do is accumulating because of what was among the busiest 2 weeks of my life. A weekend trip to Vegas really takes it out of me. I think I need 8 hours of sleep a night. Also, I’m taking way too much Excedrin these days, but it makes the pain go away.

  • Sometimes I wonder why I wonder why I can’t lose weight. Witness my meal choices this past Sunday: McDonald’s for breakfast, In-N-Out for lunch, and Popeyes for dinner (punctuation on these fast food restaurants is tricky). Eight pieces of delicious fried chicken kind of made my stomach hurt for the night. Totally worth it, but also not.
  • Three hours of rehearsal on Saturday was painful. I think I might be losing feeling in my feet or something. But “Beauty” got a haircut so she has like short bangs, and she looks absolutely adorable. Her variations are also looking good, too. I never really liked the short bangs look, but I think it’s growing on me after Maria Mena, Marit Larsen, and Beauty sport them so well. Definitely cute overload rivaling tp girl.
  • Saw Sucker Punch in the theater on Sunday, and I have mixed feelings about it. I think it would have gained a lot if it were rated R or NC-17. It had the makings of a great movie, namely girls in a mental institution, girls in skimpy outfits kicking the shit out of everything in sight, etc. I really enjoyed the style of the movie, but it lacked tremendously in character development and plot continuity. Which maybe I would have understood if I watched 300. Still, I went in with rather low expectations and was entertained.
  • My right arm and shoulder will probably hurt tomorrow because of bowling at work today. At least both shoulders will hurt now. We have a bowling alley at work. Madness.

Expect some posts forthcoming if I don’t forget all the details. I have a very poor memory of my life. Thoughts evaporate quickly.