Short thoughts

  • Current oldies obsession: “To Know Him Is to Love Him” — Teddy Bears.
  • Finished grading finals. It’s amazing how quickly I forget how painful it is to spend ~20 hours on such a monotonous task.
  • Speaking of how quickly I forget, went to get McDonald’s breakfast, which did not sit well in stomach.
  • Evidently a week is not complete for me unless I take a ballet class that’s way above my abilities. I tried out the intermediate class and it was pretty much a massacre, yet fun in that sense that doesn’t really make sense.
  • It’s going to be another boring spring break. I really have no idea where to go or what to do. I guess I can keep watching Highlander: The Animated Series. It’s kind of nice that all these old cartoons I used to watch are now on DVD.
  • I also need to figure out some vacation plans for post-graduation and pre-work. Assuming Scandinavia doesn’t work out, does anyone want to take a 2-week transcontinental train trip?