Things on my mind

  • Finals week approaches. This quarter went by rather quickly. I’m a little sad that the back-to-back ballet classes are over. I hope that tp girl will be taking intermediate ballet next quarter. Also, I need to figure out what class(es) to take next quarter, as well.
  • Not the most opportune time to get a severe bout of lovesickness, though perhaps there never is. It is crippling my ability to study; good thing I only have one final.
  • Senioritis version 3 also set in rather quickly after finding a job. I don’t think I gained much of any intellectual momentum this quarter, which made doing homework and taking tests rather laborious.
  • Just spent 2 hours listening to songs by Lesley Gore. She’s a pretty good singer. “You Don’t Own Me” is inching up the play count list.
  • I also spent 3 hours trying to read Ulysses and managed to only read 15 pages. After roughly 3 years, I’m halfway through the book. There are really delicious phrases and sentences in it, but for the life of me I can’t seem to focus on reading it for any extended period of time.