Stray thoughts

  • The new dehumidifier arrived today, and as I suspected, the power brick on the old one was broken but the old unit itself was fine. So now I have an extra dehumidifier unit lying around. Hoping to get a replacement power brick, but even then I might be too lazy to return the new dehumidifier back to amazon. On the plus side, I might not suffocate on our apartment air during these intermittently rainy days.
  • If I’m single next valentine’s day, I might make it a tradition to just do taxes on v-day night. I was pretty close to finishing up in under an hour, but I’ve hit a few snags with tdameritrade. Oh well, I was about to watch A Very Long Engagement or Serendipity or something last night, which might not have been a good idea.
  • During taxes, I realized I’m a little behind in my charity giving for last year. So far, it’s been EFF, Stanford, and the studio I go to. I’ve been thinking about Doctors without Borders and/or Wikipedia. Other suggestions?

3 Replies to “Stray thoughts”

  1. Dude, Serendipity is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. EVER.

    Also, I use to find places. My favorite seems to be I often go for education / women’s empowerment as root-cause issues. But I’ve also donated to government & campaign finance/transparency, agriculture reform, social entrepreneurship, and other stuff, so if you want me to dig up a list for you, let me know.

  2. I like what the Innocence Project has accomplished though I’m unclear on how efficient they are in their spending.

  3. How can you not like Serendipity? It has Kate Beckinsale in it, a ridiculous plot, plus TWO engagements thrown under the bus.

    Hmm, the Innocence Project sounds interesting. Having efficient spending is nice, but I also like charities that never call or spam me. So far, the EFF has done neither. Stanford, however, makes me want to switch phone numbers.

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