Things on my mind

A most lovely weekend, which — despite whatever results from this coming week — will hopefully still remain wonderful in my mind.

  • Went to my first Viennese Ball to watch K+E’s opening choreography. I’m glad that all their hard work paid off; it really looked like the two of them whipped everyone into shape. And their dances definitely had their cuteness stamp all over the choreography. I might actually be tempted to stay and dance next year… we’ll see. Also, a lesson: don’t throw out all your white dress shirts just because you’ll never need them for work.
  • Saturday morning and early afternoon were, like, perfect.
  • And then rehearsal started and it was pretty much sheer madness. The AD looked like he was re-choreographing the piece on the fly. My working memory was about 8 counts, and the girl’s been battling some ankle/foot injury and can’t go full out (which means I couldn’t copy or cue off her). So all we have to go by is some video captured on his phone of us weakly marking the steps. It’s going to be a long 10 weeks of rehearsal…
  • Ran some errands on Sunday. Got a smog check for my car which cost $60; I guess not too many places are open on Sun. Went shooting with sister and some friends. Also first time I went to costco in a while. All those TVs near the entrance were calling me. Should I buy a TV and maybe a couch to go with it?
  • The nights have been a bit quiet, so I’ve been making it through The Annotated Hans Christian Andersen. Some of these fairy tales are pretty serious, especially the ones he wrote later in his life.

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  1. Yeah! Stay for Viennese next year! You can take Tuesday night dance classes with Richard Powers to get better. Wish I could still take dance from him..of course that could be solved by moving back to the bay area…

  2. > Went shooting with sister and some friends. Also first time I went to costco in a while.

    Since when do they let you shoot guns in costco? This would make shopping much more exciting.

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