Ten Years Ago

It’s a little depressing that it’s been ten years since we were applying to colleges. For some reason, a week ago, I thought back to my college admissions essay: http://www.seantime.com/?page_id=641.

Strange how much has changed, yet how much I’ve stayed the same. Life has sucked that youthful energy out of me; those adolescent possibilities and dreams are no longer there. On the other hand, here I am, still searching, still wanting nothing more than contentness — a quiet life with success judged by a different metric.

After a friend read it back in college, he said he was surprised that the admissions committee accepted someone who wrote in his essay that he wanted to be mediocre. Granted, but it sure helps to get a perfect SAT score, make straight As, and fill your spare time with a bunch of extracurriculars, none of which you do anymore ten years later. Although I do miss TKD and violin at times.

The five-year reunion for college is coming up. Seems so odd, especially because I was still in grad school and on campus just a few months ago. But it will be nice to see friends together on campus. Stanford really is a beautiful place.

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