The Ebb and Flow

Life is one giant mess. I only hope it sorts itself out.

  • Another good friend is getting married soon. To say that I feel a little behind in the whole finding someone bit is the understatement of the day. But what’s stopping me, self loathing and risk aversion?
  • Ballet San Jose had a Groupon today for season tickets. Way to make me waste $100. My credit card bills seem to always be higher than I would like.
  • I feel like I’m manic depressive at ballet. The highs and lows come so fast. I hope this recent burst of enthusiasm doesn’t flame out too quickly. Eventually I’ll get you, double pirouette, just you see.
  • What I really need are some focused goals for my life, but I hesitate to make them.
  • I’m still sad that Stanford lost to Oregon. Now I’m voting for Oregon to sweep so they can go to the BCS championship. But Pac 10 teams always know how to choke for a game. Stanford is still looking pretty strong. I did have a dream that we lost to USC, though. On the other hand, the score was like 165-144, so what do my dreams know about football?
  • Stanford WVB is still cruisin’. I’m a bit sad that I can’t go watch more games this season. Excited that the seniors (Ailes, Klineman, Lichtman) have a shot at the championship this year, now that the Penn State juggernaut has finally become… vincible. Still have to get through the Pac 10 gauntlet, though.