Things on my mind

  • I don’t wanna start classes again tomorrow. 🙁
  • These sectionees are kind of brutal in their evaluations. But I guess I’m not a terrific TA. I’ll just have to try harder next quarter, or something.
  • New Lene Marlin album!
  • My ankles and knees kind of hurt. I think I’m going to start trying to swim instead of jogging to the gym. The pools at Avery Aquatic Center are heated, which is pretty sweet.
  • I think I’m losing hearing in my left ear. When I’m asleep, somehow I can’t hear anything through it. Usually, I regain hearing after an hour or so of waking, but I think it’s getting worse now. Not sure if it has to do with swimming, but it started before I swam, so I’m probably going deaf.

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