Things on my mind

  • Las Vegas is kind of terrible. I don’t know why people like that place so much. It’s a very expensive weekend getaway, and my throat hurts from all the indoor smoking. Although I must say that the club “XS” in Encore hotel was pretty nice (and quite excessive), despite the fact that I hate going to clubs.
  • I can hear in my left ear again! Earwax was the culprit. Getting a professional ear cleaning is a strange yet satisfying experience.
  • This real analysis class will be the thorn on my side all this quarter. Proofs are just so frustrating, because if they’re trivial, then it’s a waste of time to write them out, and if they’re hard, then they take forever to figure out. The things we do for the Ph.D. dream, which I’m not even 100% sure I want to do.
  • My fantasy team is off to a tepid start in the finals. I’m hoping for some kind of miracle here, since my team is the weaker one here.
  • The new Kelly Clarkson album is pretty catchy, if also a bit loud.
  • I’m trying to lose about 5 lb. It’s a little hard given my diet. I hope this will alleviate some of the knee and ankle pain. Also, I could lose this bit of fat that never seems to go away.

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