Things on my mind

  • Taking the GRE tomorrow. I don’t think I’ll do too well on it, hopefully will get about the same as last time. It sucks that the scores expire. I’m already in grad school. Why do I have to take it again to apply to Ph.D. programs?
  • There’s a conundrum about what sort of messenger bag/backpack situation I should use given that I’ll be living off campus next year. Carting around books, hw, laptop, and activity gear is going to be a major (back) pain (you know, from carrying all that stuff around). So far, I’m eyeing either a Timbuk2, Waterfield Designs, or Spire bag, depending largely on how much money I really want to spend on a bag.
  • Finished reading the New Testament. I’m not sure if I want to go through the effort of reading through the Old Testament. It’s a lot longer.
  • I think I’ve accumulated too much stuff. Moving every once in a while is nice because it forces me to throw things away. Unfortunately, never enough. I’m all out of boxes somehow.
  • If Windows 7 and the Lynnfield Nehalem processors come out soon enough, maybe I can build a new desktop and get rid of this old one, which would save me a box. A new laptop would be nice, too.
  • There are a bunch of clips of Marit Larsen singing “Lucky” with Jason Mraz. Pretty adorable.