Things on my mind

Summer is nearly over now, and with its end comes new hopes and trepidations.

  • Looks like my desktop’s power supply finally completely died on me. It started having issues over a year ago, but now I think it’s gone for good. I guess about 4 years isn’t such a bad run. I’m not really lamenting its loss, though, because…
  • I splurged and bought the new Core i5, along with a motherboard and RAM. Now I can finally fill up this P182 case I’ve had sitting empty for over a year. I’m pretty excited, and look forward to the week of cursing when nothing works properly.
  • Vegas trip in under a month for fantasy basketball draft. I really need to get the model running, but the demise of my desktop might put a damper on things.
  • Updated resume is coming together now. Still need to tweak a bunch of things. I hope the job market isn’t horrendous.
  • G.G. missing the last few days. I really need to work on pique and chaine turns at some point, but I get too dizzy.

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