Public Fantasy Draft Results

So I mainly joined a public league to get the position eligibility of players, but I figured I might as well draft. This is what I got for a 12-player, standard 9-category head-to-head league. This is using the results from the model 2.0, which has a lot of simulations of random teams and basically a +/- on the probability of a specific player winning each category compared to all other teams.

Doing a live draft was kind of difficult because of the 90-second time limit. I think I tend to take a little longer than that trying to put together all the numbers. Overall, I don’t think I have a bad team, although things kind of went downhill fast after Camby. I hope Anthony Randolph actually does something this year. I guess the same goes for all the other players after my 5th pick. In my idealized fantasy world, I should be able to take threes, points, assists, and steals fairly easily, and be competitive in free throw %, rebounds, and blocks. Which leaves me dying in field goal % and turnovers.

1.         (2)        LeBron James
2.         (23)      Joe Johnson
3.         (26)      Kevin Martin
4.         (47)      David Lee
5.         (50)      Marcus Camby
6.         (71)      Anthony Randolph
7.         (74)      Jason Terry
8.         (95)      Mike Conley
9.         (98)      Francisco Garcia
10.       (119)    Ramon Sessions
11.       (122)    Danilo Gallinari
12.       (143)    Antonio McDyess
13.       (146)    Delonte West

Of course, the real draft is soon. Even though I took out a student loan, I still don’t really want to go to Vegas.