Things on my mind

  • Wondering why it’s called “music” and not “euterpic.”
  • I still don’t understand it, but the Metropolis-Hastings algorithm is one of the best-named in my opinion, so it must be awesome. Better than Clausius-Clapeyron, even.
  • Pau Gasol is back, Jameer Nelson is out. I guess my fantasy team is not going to fire on all cylinders any time soon. Oh well, it’s just a game.
  • I’m finding it very difficult to focus on theoretical stats, which is bad because I’m on the precipice of failing that class.
  • Do I buy a netbook or an ultraportable laptop? Or do I just not spend the money on something that I’ll use for 6 months and then have little need for afterwards?
  • Big Game this weekend. I have a good feeling. And if Arizona, Oregon, and Oregon State all lose somehow, I think that’s a Rose Bowl trip.