Things on my mind

  • Fantasy basketball is under way. I managed to eke out a tie despite some subpar performances and Pau deciding to not play. I guess I can see glimpses of potential for the team, so that’s good.
  • School seems impossibly busy despite my not spending a terrible amount of time on it. Just thinking about theoretical stats makes me cringe. This treatment of Bayesian stats is also unimaginably dense. It’s going to be a fun midterm on Friday.
  • The job hunt is slow, but eventually something will work out, right?
  • The saga of the bounced check seems to be nearing its end. Lots of time wasted at the bank. But I think there shouldn’t be any more fees.
  • Taking 5 ballet classes a week is kind of a crazy schedule. Strange muscles feel sore all over, and I’m not sure how much longer my knees will last. On the other hand, seeing google girl (and some others) in action is sometimes breathtaking. That quality of movement is simply beautiful.
  • Installed windows 7 on the desktop and it seems pretty nice. Is it time to buy a netbook now?
  • I need to find a new source of caffeine at some point. This tea isn’t potent enough to keep me awake in Monte Carlo class. I’m working up to quite the number of consecutive classes in which I’ve fallen asleep. On the other hand, that room is so hot in the afternoon and the professor’s lectures so soporific (though not uninteresting) I’m not sure anything could keep me awake.
  • Stanford women’s volleyball is really fun to watch this year, probably because they’re good but not so good that they crushed opposing teams like last year. Maybe I’ll read up on the rules of the game at some point so I can figure out what’s going on. Although it’s strange that I don’t think I’ve ever read the rules of basketball or football or tennis, say, so maybe just watching enough games will diffuse knowledge.