Things on my mind

  • Sunday has become a very lazy resting day post Saturday rehearsals. Now, not only do my legs and feet cramp at night, but my shoulder is hurting, too. Why is Don Q so quick? Afternoon naps are kind of nice, though.
  • Saw Ballet San Jose’s Swan Lake last night. Will probably write something about it soon.
  • Went to see Stanford Dance’s The Body and What It Carries, which I thought was an interesting program. Two short thoughts. I feel like modern ballet is always trying to rediscover modern dance, but is less successful and less compelling to watch; I enjoyed the modern pieces a bit more. I think there is some happy medium somewhere, but it’s probably closer to the confines of classical vocabulary than some choreographers would like. Second, just how different it is between WB’s high school and Stanford’s undergrad dancers. A few years doesn’t seem so much these days, but different phases of life and maturity really show. I guess even most undergrads are in a different life stage than us. Growing old kind of sucks. May write a post about this at some point, too.
  • My reading queue is clogging up with Annotated Alice, Annotated HC Andersen, and Superfreakonomics. Will I ever get back to the Rabbit tetralogy?
  • Will I be able to go to Reno/Tahoe next weekend, or will it be all crazy weather? Also, not sure when I’ll be able to make it to SFB’s program 3 at this point…

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