Things on my mind

  • Don’t know why I’ve been so out of it the past two weeks. Too many mini-projects at work, maybe. The ulcer-like abomination is feeling better, though. Perhaps it’s stress related. I might have lost a pound or so due to the discomfort of eating. Unfortunately, it seems to be somewhat exacerbated by caffeine consumption, so maybe that’s why I’ve been out of it this week.
  • I don’t really want to do this show tomorrow. It’s weird how I don’t feel all that nervous because there’s really no consequence involved, yet I still don’t want to fuck up, which I know I will because I don’t practice. Oh well, hopefully things don’t go terribly awry.
  • Actually had a few classes where I didn’t feel like I completely failed. I could probably use a little positive momentum prior to attempts that are sure to ravage my feet. Need to do more stretching and strengthening exercises.
  • Muscles are sore. Too bad massage isn’t until Wednesday.
  • NBA regular season over. I don’t have high hopes for the Lakers this year. A lot of good teams, though, so it should be exciting to watch the playoffs. Now, if only I had a tv…