So very tired

Euphoria ended rather abruptly mid last week, and now I’m mired in a deep lethargic morass. I don’t think I’m sick, but maybe I am. It’s bad when I’m burned out from working by the end of Monday. This is after averaging 12 hours of sleep over the weekend. I’ve lost all energy, and even my ballet motivation’s been sapped by “Beauty” injuring her ankle; trepidation for starting pointe also creeping in. Projects just keeps piling up at work. Even my reading list is getting out of control. At least I managed to finish Annotated Alice, which was pretty interesting. I can’t recall if I’ve ever read Through the Looking Glass before. My memory kind of sucks.

Goal for the week: survive and don’t lose it.

P.S. I bought a couple of dehumidifiers. I hope they work. Although it’s almost summer, so maybe we’ll just open windows instead.

One Reply to “So very tired”

  1. Maybe you’re feeling sad that I had to go back home =P Or maybe not.. Hooray for dehumidifiers!! Hopefully that’ll help dry out the place. Still convinced that your apt is moldy and it’s bad for your health..mold has spores u know…

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