Tracking through the eternal solitude that is life blah blah blah

I don’t know why I can’t seem to write anything coherent anymore. These days seem so busy and I’m so sore and tired. I kind of feel as if I lost some spark and am desperately trying to grasp at something beyond my reach and comprehension.

  • I caved and bought a Kindle, although now I don’t remember why I wanted to buy one. I could definitely spend less of my life staring at backlit screens, but I also have a giant stack of books here that I haven’t gone through reading. I think I bought it because they’re giving a $25 gift certificate with it, which will probably going towards a cover for it. Although if it’s able to display pdf files, maybe it would be useful to transfer a bunch of old notes and stuff and have that around.
  • Started reading The Unbearable Lightness of Being and was suddenly struck by how much common knowledge we seem to all share. Despite the fact that I think people are all kind of dumb and we as a whole seem to know so little, it’s amazing how many things we know that other people also know. For example, in 2 pages of¬†TULB, we have¬†mentions of Robespierre and the French Revolution, Hitler, Jesus, Nietzsche, and Parmenides. And like anyone who’s reading the book probably knows what the hell is going on. On the other hand, why do we bother memorizing all this crap?
  • Probably going to feel a little sad after next weekend and there are no rehearsals to suck up all my Saturdays. I really should practice more. On the plus side, Beauty was already back in rehearsal, which either means she heals really fast or she’s crazy.
  • Got some padding for the big toe today. Hopefully that will help a little. Also, probably going to try out a pair of GMs despite the amount of flak they seem to get.
  • The temperature here has been a bit unsettling. Why is it all sunny and 80 during the week and cloudy during the weekend? Not that I really have time or energy to do anything outdoors.
  • I kind of just want to take a really long nap. It’s good that it’s almost bedtime.