The little things

  • Well, I think the dehumidifier is working, because my skin is all dry and itchy. Reminds me of winter in San Diego.
  • Hurray for misquoting MLK (link). I don’t think the celebratory responses were entirely in good taste, but I can understand the sentiment.
  • It’s been one of those days that didn’t seem so bad, like maybe it’ll make me think that things aren’t going downhill all the time, like maybe the second derivative of my life is positive.
  • My eyes have been pretty tired lately, though. Staring at a computer screen for 14 hours a day is probably not very good for the eyes. I ordered a pair of computer reading glasses from the optometrist, which supposedly will be easier on the eyes. We’ll see how those go.
  • Very sore from class. Basically, my entire body aches these days. I think trying to add this weightlifting regime on top of classes is going to destroy me. Still no info on Beauty’s ankle injury.