Fantasy Basketball Starts Soon!

The NBA season starts next week, so it’s a time of excitement, Stanford football sucking notwithstanding. Despite school really destroying me so far this quarter, right now is what Colin calls the most wonderful time of the year: you drafted your team, and you’re honeymooning before your players start getting injured and sucking and breaking your heart.

The crew for the real league:

1. (8) Dirk Nowitzki
2. (13) Pau Gasol
3. (28) Joe Johnson
4. (33) David Lee
5. (48) Ben Gordon
6. (53) Ray Allen
7. (68) John Salmons
8. (73) Jameer Nelson
9. (88) O.J. Mayo
10. (93) Jason Thompson
11. (108) Raymond Felton
12. (113) Mario Chalmers
13. (128) Jamario Moon

I’m not terribly thrilled with the team, since Calvin stoleses Deron Williams from right under my nose (plus like 4 other players… argh), and I think Dirk and Pau will both do worse this year than last. I’m also beginning to feel like I drafted David Lee and Ben Gordon too early. Looks like if everything goes well, I have strength in 5 categories, but will be punting a few categories as well. We’ll see how the model 2.0 does overall. Also, Jamario Moon’s already been dropped for DJ Augustin, but I just realized I’m missing depth in the SF and C positions (which I guess happens more often than not). Anyone want to trade for OJ Mayo?