It always seems to happen

Every time I have a few days off and say to myself that I will do a bunch of writing, I try to write and then am stuck. To be fair, this shit is depressing. Other news:

  • Nice performance by Stanford in the Orange Bowl. The new year is starting off on a pretty good note. Too bad Harbaugh and Luck are almost certainly gone.
  • The internal blu ray drive arrived and installed. Somehow I ran out of sata power plugs, so I had to buy one on amazon. Maybe having 4 hard drives is a bit too much anyway.
  • Caved in and bought Apollo’s Angels. Still not sure when I’ll have the time to read it. My book queue is getting quite long again.
  • These ankle and leg strengthening exercises seem to be working. Now I feel as though my right leg is stronger than my left. I don’t know why they can’t just be the same.
  • Am most definitely not looking forward to this okcupid profile-creation event this weekend. It’s ridiculous, but I still don’t feel I’m ready yet. Remember that time when I signed up for eharmony and it told me there was only one person who matched within a 500 mile radius?