New Year’s Resolutions 2011

A set of goals that I want down in writing so that maybe I will adhere to them. Accomplishing all of them is almost surely a probability zero event.

In approximate decreasing order of possibility:

  • Save $X from paychecks.
  • Enroll in the torture that will be Pilates class. Eventually, I’ll have to strengthen my core, might as well be sooner than later.
  • Go travel somewhere. Summer has your name written on it, Singapore and Southeast Asia.
  • Learn to do stuff at work. Find a niche and be more productive in general.
  • Strengthen ankles. Pointe? Still a little scared to ask such a thing, but it would be quite the rout if it actually happens. I might have to lose 5-10 lb, which would push this item down a few notches on this list.
  • Work on, and hopefully complete, writing down all this personal philosophy.
  • Be able to do: double (triple?) pirouettes, grand pirouettes, splits (or closer to), single tours, entrechat trois and quatre, brise, etc. etc. Learn the Russian variation for NC.
  • Go on a bona fide date. I already loathe putting this on the list, but it will probably have to be done at some point. I guess this is a little easier than the perennially elusive “get a girlfriend for seriously this year.”